Chocolate and Sherry Halloween treats

I made Halloween treats and I’m quite proud. Ali from Earth to Ali and I started doing challenges last month. We did a Spring day challenge, where I made a zip up bag and she did a wreath last month, but his month things got a little spooky.

Check out her Halloween treats on  instagram  and read on to see what I did with white chocolate, sherry and pac-man ghost moulds

With the Halloween treats I decided to go with a Trick or Treat theme. A treat of white chocolate covered in sprinkles and a trick of sherry jellies.

The Halloween treats

What you need

White chocolate, I just used a white slab
Candy eyes

What you do

Melt chocolate – I do mine in short busts in the microwave and stir in between
Pour in to moulds
Pop eyes and sprinkles on top
My mould is silicone so chocolate pops right out  (It was a gift so not sure from where but should not be too hard to find)

The Halloween tricks

What you need

A cup of sherry of your choice, mine comes from the “hey we still have sherry, I didn’t know that”, collection
gelatin – I  use the powder that comes in little packets (Two packets to get a nice stiff mouldable gummy)
Candy eyes (these kind of fell off after a while so maybe go without?)

What you do

Heat half a cup of sherry and dissolve the two packets of gelatin in there
Add the other half of the sherry (you can chill this)
Pour in to moulds
Pop eyes  in (but like I said these fell off after a while so skip it)
Let set in fridge, pop out and enjoy

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