Top three active day out options with preschoolers

Firstly! Kudos on clicking through despite the words “active day out”. Our family has been using the Nelson Mandela Bay passes to bond, get out more and get less screen time and so far so good…

We have been having a lot of fun with more things lined up…but I simply had to stop half way and share our active day out options… You know the options where your kids aren’t the only ones in need of an afternoon nap….

Disclaimer the passes we have give you 5 things to do in three months, so if you are noticing that there are extra things on my review lists, that’s because some reviews come from before we had the passes.

So you want an active day out with your kids,something that totally counts as exercise… Out top three are

Putt putt at Open Sky Entertainment Park

We spent last Sunday at Open Sky doing their beautiful 18 hole putt putt course. Aidan was a quick study and actually did better than me (but that’s also due to him having a longer concentration span than I do… Oh look a wooden giraffe). It was our first time at Open Sky and real talk, they could do with better signage, I was like where does one go? where is this place even? how do things work? But the staff were lovely and friendly (you guys know I take off double digit points when staff acts like I owe them something or they are doing me a favor by acknowledging me) but the staff were lovely and we had a fun time. They have a water feature/water park but that section isn’t open at the moment, it looks like it could be a whole lot of fun though, so will keep you updated about that. The putt putt course itself is emaculate, obviously very well cared for and you get a little score card to see on paper how your five year old has better aim than you do. This one is the least active of our three active day out options but it is quite a nice after Sunday lunch activity… Coincidently they make yummy Sunday lunches there.

Gravity Indoor Trampoline Park

Trampoline parks are all the rage at the moment and it’s easy to see why. You get to feel like a kid again, jump around, climb things, lay down and wonder where your fitness and youth went. It’s pretty easy concept (I don’t like complicated processes and as a result would probably die at a Starbucks… I don’t need so many options) here you just pay the guy behind the counter, get yourself a pair of socks sign an ideminty form and then go wild. For those who just want to spectate – due to anything from lack of funds, lack of courage or the fact that post pregnancy now means that any jumping experiences makes you need to pee – there is a viewing area. They also have a milkshake bar and a diner like restaurant. A fun day out! the only critism I have is that the viewing area only let’s you see like a third of the play area, which isn’t nearly enough for a helicopter mom like me.

Valley Crag Indoor Climbing Centre

I have chatted (boasted if you will) about my experience at Valley Crag before. They have since expanded and have even more obstacles for young and old. You get a qualified instructor to show you the ropes (I’m so punny) and you get to climb around and test your endurance. They have also included a yoga studio so you can make a day of it and stop of next door for fresh fruit and juices.

These are just three of the options available with the Nelson Mandela Bay Pass… What are your favorite active things to do with your kids? Chasing them to take a bath not included

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