Tips to becoming your own eco-friendly barista (coffee pod guru)

I was introduced to coffee pod guru by a friend not to long ago. Much like me she has a shameless coffee and tea addiction and so does her hubby. She bought him refillable pods from coffee pod guru for Christmas and I simply had to get some for myself.

This started my journey to becoming a bit of an at home barista…

Coffee pods are not exactly cheap and you know I’m all about affordability. That champagne lifestyle on a beer budget... I’m also a huge fan of anything reusable biodegradable and sustainable. So apart from loving that it lowers the cost of coffee per cup I was excited to find that it reduces your carbon footprint.

To use the coffee pod guru all you do is scoop your favourite coffee into the pod, clip it and place it in the machine.

I make mine pretty milky and pop it in a travel mug so I can have a caffeine fix while on the run.

Coffee pod guru also offers a range of biodegradable pods for cheaper than the originals (the red velvet and Irish coffee flavours give me life).

I am not going to lie I love store bought coffee, maybe I watch too many American movies, let’s blame Netflix, but when it comes to saving money and the environment, I often opt to get my coffee fix at home, here’s how”

Tips for being your own barista

  • Invest in a good coffee machine, I know they seem pricey as once off investments, but if you are shelling out R30 per cup everyday it pays for itself rather quickly.
  • We have a Nespresso pod machine and a good old fashioned filter coffee machine, the filter machine has a reusable filter which cuts down on waste and cost (are you detecting a trend here?) and since I bought the coffee pod guru reusable pods and was gifted with the biodegradable instant pods, my cost and waste is down on that side as well
  • Get a couple of travel mugs, because you need to keep one in the car for when you do stop off and get a shop bought coffee, this way you create less waste, also you are probably going to forget where you put one or two so get more than one
  • Stock your favourite coffee and store it safely; to ensure good flavour store coffee in an airtight container somewhere cool, dry, and dark. I learnt this at my Mastertons coffee lesson. I actually bought a bunch of sample sized coffees from them to test my coffee pod guru kit out with (a bunch of sample coffees are a great idea for variety)
  • Look into a frother, some machines come with them, but you can also pick them up separately as well. Personally I’m not too fussed but I know a lot of people need that foam to round off the experience.
  • Have a little coffee station it makes things so much easier and takes away that “it’s just easier to buy” feeling

Coffee pod guru sent me some coffee to taste and a gift set to give away so do check out . If you want to win a Coffee guru pod gift set with a travel mug, refillable pods and coffee go find the picture below on my INSTAGRAM or FACEBOOK and enter my competition… good luck competition ends next Wednesday (February 20, 2019)

coffee pod guru

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