Curly Countdown with Shavon of “Curl Talk”

A few weeks back this girl with amazing curly hair asked if I’d like to join in on a Curl Talk breakfast she was hosting. Although I can be quite the introvert, her enthusiasm was contagious and I agreed…  So with the Curl Talk taking place tomorrow I thought it would be a good time to feature Shavon of Cupcakes Curls and Curves and have a little Curly Countdown with her…

Five random facts about you and your hair
  • I am the creator/founder of Curl Talk an organisation where I meet up with ladies of all ages and teach them to embrace and love their natural hair. My theme for my first event will be LOVE OUR HAIR
  • I’m a 29  year old creative “boskop”, part time management student at NMMU, small business owner of the Cupcake Fairy and I just got engaged to my best friend and he loves my “boskop”
  • It is my hair ALL OF IT!!! It really is mense, no need to pull it or to ask me where I bought my nice “wig” All mine I got it from my papa!!!  REAL!!!
  • I am a struggling transitioner  (3 year struggle) that only use wide tooth combs, the really wide ones think they the biggest/widest you get and afro combs
  • My hair gives me CONFIDENCE and a sense of FREEDOM, I just slay my curls without feeling the need to explain why, like it or leave it, I love it and it’s all that matters!!!
Four products or activities you can’t live without
  • Coconut oil is BAE
  • My favorite protective style is using flexi rods and with that I use Design Essentials setting lotion and curl enhancing mouse, it makes my curls pop and smells like a fruity tropical explosion!
  • Eggs and mayonnaise are cheap but vey very good protein treatments which comes in handy when you run out of products I use a mayo mask twice a month
  • I will not trade my afro comb for anything in this world!
Three Tips for other curly curls
  • Learn to love your hair (the sooner the better)
  • Use a t-shirt for wash day and a silk scarve or pillow case for night time minimizes frizz and breakage
  • Hydrated hair is healthy hair so keep those tresses moisturized
Two misconceptions about curly hair
  • It is untidy….well it is not untidy it’s wild and I love it. Me and my crown we came to slay and guess what…? We here to stay or should I say take a seat at the table or should I rather start to sing DON’T TOUCH MY HAIR!!!
  • Wash day is horrible, it’s so not. I LOVE wash day, I have my meee-time my family knows the bathroom is mine for at least a few hours….I can just be smothered in BAE(coconut oil) from head to toe and just relax for a while (before the combing starts) your hair and skin will thank you later.
Your one favourite way to wear your hair
  • Flexi rod sets are the best!!! Mine last up to 5days depending on how I sleep, I can do pineapples/finapples how I like to call it as well as curly buns, there is lots of versatility when using flexi rods

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