My views on AfroBotanics Makeda Twist, Curl and Define Cream

I’ve been using the AfroBotanics Makeda Twist, Curl & Define Cream recently and thought I’d share my views on the product.


 I divided my opinion into Good, Bad and Meh, and as always I’m very honest, but can only really base it on my own hair type, texture and length.

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I stumbled upon the AfroBotanics Makeda Twist, Curl & Define Cream when I ran out of everything except shampoo – I have so much shampoo, I don’t even know why – and it was the most promising thing on the shelf. The product is formulated with aloe vera gel, shea butter, and coconut oil and is supposed to protect hair while providing expert hold, which is good for creating perfect curls and twists. It is also supposed to help to control frizz.

I must admit that I have not been using the product for its core purpose which is to do twist outs. My hair length is too awkward for that at the moment, however, I’m loving the results with a simple wash and go (which wash and go was ever simple I ask you).

I co-wash, detangle and then comb through the AfroBotanics Makeda Twist, Curl & Define Cream


The good

My curls are very defined and light, no heaviness, even though, in all honesty, I mess up how much product I need, I think I might not be used to my short hair and overcompensate. The smell is light but the product is thick enough to coat my hair nicely. I usually have an issue with more watery products not “adhering to my hair properly” I don’t know how to explain, but watery things don’t absorb nicely. The price is really good R65 for 250ml but the product feels high-end.

The bad

My hair lacks shine and the product does not do much for my frizz, day one it’s really nice but then frizz city, I get the feeling it would work better at reducing frizz if I did twist outs or at the very least shingled a bit.

The meh

It leaves a white residue when I just put it on, it can be cleared up by just dabbing my head with a t-shirt, but you know, meh

All in all I’m a fan of the product for a wash day, it ticks off most of my wash day checks. It leaves my curls defined and my hair soft and not straw-like, which is a win for me

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