Questions for The great  Moscow Circus

Thanks to The Boardwalk, We were off to The Great Moscow Circus this past week, we had such a blast  but honestly, I  have some questions:

– Does Dr. Xavier/Professor X  know you exist? because I’m convinced I saw some Xmen worthy talent on display.  How does one even begin to cultivate such talent?
– Why are the women so beautiful? Is this what happens to all the Next Top Model runners-up?
– Where do you find these people? because in a circus they make sense but before joining were they just randomly hanging off washing lines or hiding in suitcases?
– Who makes decisions regarding wardrobe? I’d like to chat to them regarding the awesome jump rope group (99% men) in kilts… I’ve never thought, “men jumping up and down, definitely need to put them in kilts”
– Have any of your audience members ever passed out from shock or from holding their breath? I almost did and would like to know if I’m special
– What is your medical plan like? And life insurance? If smoking make those things skyrocket imagine no nets while walking on what looks like the insides of a giant’s washing machine hanging precariously from a flippen tent
-how does one even begin to tell your family you’re joining the circus? I had trouble saying I wanted to go into media, don’t know how I would even begin saying…”you know those things they warn you not to do? I’d like to do it daily about three times a day while people cheer and eat overpriced popcorn”
– How do you maintain the trust in group dynamics? If One direction could not go in one direction what happens when the person tasked to catch you or throw things to you is annoyed with you
– What are sleeping arrangements like, this setup wouldn’t be ideal for someone  who likes personal space I’m guessing
– can you please never stop bringing magic to the masses!!!???

Aidan’s views on the circus 😍 #thegreatmoscowcircus

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We truly had the best time, they are off to Jhb then Durban next so do keep an eye out for The Great Moscow Circus if you are in the area

3 thoughts on “Questions for The great  Moscow Circus

  1. Karen says:

    EISH! Tamara and I were cringing when that box guy started bending his body all kinds of funny! And then he twisted his ankle, and there was a sound effect making it sound like he’d broken it!

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