Party with Adam

Today’s party took place last year already but I remembered being so impressed with my friend,Ranique ‘s, handy work I just had to share her son,Adam’s, Mickey cuteness.

Name and age of birthday boy

Adam turned 1 on June 10th

How did you decide on theme?

This was easy!
He decided!
Adam, since the age of 3 months always got sooooooooooooooo excited at the sight of Mickey Mouse.
Must be his face or maybe his ears?!
He would light up and cheer whenever he heard the Clubhouse theme song.
So we decided do go with a theme he loved.
Baby’s don’t really understand much around the celebration or milestone of a 1st Birthday bash, so we thought we would go with something that would make  HIM happy and excited, and see him light up and cheer on the day.
The Clubhouse elements were also all so fun when I (Pinterest junky) searched for ideas.

DIY or shop bought?

Both! I also rented a few items but made most of the things.
My person (husband) and I worked together.
We make a mean team!
And so for each night during the week after our busy Mickey Mouse fan was in lala-land, we would do one thing at least for about 2 weeks.
The family was great too, they jumped in and helped with the eats and treats for the party.

Any behind the scenes blunders?

Yes!  Our Birthday Boy was sick 🙁
So he did not have the best time 🙁
Also, PE decided to have a mini storm that day.
Thank goodness we booked at Treasure Land Indoor Play Centre.
We also forgot the butter at home and had to ask someone to bring the butter.
Yes we needed the butter man (Cause Mom is a bit OCD and needs everything in place).
You know Murphy and his law!  Just in case!

What was best part of the day?

“It takes a village to raise a kid.”
-African Proverb
When a child is born not just one family gets bigger.
Celebrating Adam’s 1st Birthday, was a time for friends and family to get together again, or shall I say “Our Village”.
This for me was the best part.
Even though our boy was not well and his cheerful happy chappy self, we have the most amazing captured memories (pictures)
to show him some day!

3 thoughts on “Party with Adam

  1. Laura says:

    How stunning!! I was torn for Emma's party between doing Minnie Mouse or Rainbows – so glad I decided on rainbows though, we will do Minnie next year!

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