Curly kids countdown: Shanton and Gea

Today I do my first curly kids feature!!! (Not counting Aidikins)

If you ever wondered what the point of these features and the curly countdowns were…the answer is simple:

I love natural curls but I also know that it can be a pain to maintain. With all the different hair types, curl patterns and new products coming out every day you are never quite sure if you are doing things correctly. So I thought if I could feature enough people with different hair types, curl patterns and routines,other curlies could hopefully find their match and that should make things a little easier.

I’ve also had friends with straight hair, who have curly kids, ask me to feature some curly kids so they can get some tips…

ALSO I’m nosey and I love looking at nice curls and asking people random questions.

Today’s people are Shanton and Gea since both of them are still under 5 I opted to interview their mom Chantel, my friend who did a beauty series on the blog, you remember her? CLICK HERE FOR REFRESHER

5. What are you’re kid’s names and ages?

Shanton (4yrs)

Gea (2yrs)

4. Is their curl pattern the same?

Their curl pattern is exactly the same. Softer wavey curls infront & tighter curls at the back. Also much drier hair at the back.

3. What products do you use on their hair?

I use pure olive oil. You can get it at any supermarket or pharmacy & Dark & Lovely nourishing hairfood with coconut oil. I recently discovered Johnson & Johnson’s detangling range. I use the shampoo, conditioner & the detangling spray. It really works wonderfully!

2. How do you style and treat?

Shans hair we keep short but I the hairfood just to keep his hair nourished. Gea is a different story. We fight every morning jus to get those curls tamed. If I leave her hair untied for a day the tangles becomes a huge problem. I was thinking of just topping her hair to reduce the tangles because I notice blanket fluff also gets caught up in the tangles.

1. What are their individual favourite styles?

Shanton we do short on the sides & the back & Gea I love lots of little ponytails with matching pom-poms…she hates it though. Lol

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