Curly kids countdown: Karis

If you follow me on instagram (which you totally should HERE) you will know that I mentioned before that my son has a girl twin. Seriously doesn’t Luchae from My Spreadsheet Brain‘s daughter Karis look a lot like Aidan (their related since Rob and Luchae are cousins, but even so the resemblance is uncanny)

Karis is today’s curly feature, read below on the trial and error her straight haired mom has gone through to keep the curls popping 🙂

5. What is your childs names and age? A little on her

Karis Leigh is all of 17 months old. She is pretty advanced for her age (indulge me as I continue to think that my child is the cleverest of them all J) and is quite dramatic. I always heard moms tell tales of how full of drama girl children are versus boy children. I am here to say all of this is very much true. And I love it!

She loves Barbie Princess&The Popstar, Cats (so random, we don’t even have a cat), car keys, handbags and putting on all my jewellery at the same time. I’ve recently entered her into the Ackermans Baby of the Year competition for the March draw! I am totally going to use this moment to ask you to please vote for her Jheehee. Voting closes this Friday and it’s totes free if you dial *130*602*1*1795#. Or you could SMS 1795 to 34702 (costs you R2)

4. What is her curl pattern like is her hair similar to yours?

Her hair is nothing like mine! I have straight hair, that only makes (very spiteful) waves, when wet. She has genuine curls that can only be attributed back to her dad (who also sported a mop of curls back in the day when he actually had hair). Her curl pattern is very spiralley and her hair can be manipulated into perfect locks without using any product evens!

3. What products do you use on their hair?

I only use natural coconut oil on her hair. I try not to wash with the usual baby shampoos because of all the extra stuff that gets put in there. I am a fan of the Palmers coconut oil hair products and only try to give her hair a wash once a week. I have yet to find the perfect shampoo though, so I won’t even bother mentioning the ones that have flopped on us!

2. How do you style and treat?

Well, unless it’s hair wash day (Saturday or Sunday), she generally just wakes up looking like a much cuter version of a troll doll. I then grab the coconut oil and use my fingers to curl away. Hair wash day is a little bit more of an effort, because it involves shampooing (I use a 2 in 1, at the moment it’s Amla Legend). I dry her hair using one of her tshirts to absorb the moisture and then a bit of a blow dry with the hairdryer on low heat. She loves that part. I’ve also started using the Palmers coconut oil pack, after her weekly shampoo. I’ve found it to work incredibly, amazingly well!

1. What are their individual favourite styles?

Her favourite individual style comprises of whatever the heck her mommy wants to do J Headbands are a no-no but I usually get away with a cute hair bow or clip. On week days, when she’s off to school, I found that hair bands work better because it is more difficult to pull out. When asked “Karis! Make pretty!” then she fluffs her hair J So the girl knows that her curls has superpowers! J



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