Easiest DIY toy ever

When last did I do a DIY Toy here? When last did I do a DIY anything? those of you new to the blog, I used to focus mostly on crafts and DIYs , hacks and tips and although the hacks and tips are here every week I have not DIYed in a while – actually no, I have, I just have not taken any pictures of said DIYs in a while…so last night Aidan and I sat down at my crafting desk (yes i have one of those) and came up with these face pebbles.

This diy toy is  sooo simple and can be used in a variety of ways, we play tic-tac-toe,  memory and we also do simple addition and subtraction games (yes , my kid thinks maths is a game. yes, I should get a maternity test)

What you need

Glass pebbles used in pot plants and vases – I had some over from this project.

Mini round stickers, these were part of a birthday gift for Aidan but I know that they are available at Crazy Stores.

What you do

I made 20 pebbles , 10 matching sets. You stick the sticker on the bottom of the pebble. You can Modge Podge over it to insure it doesn’t come off too quickly. This is actually so easy to do I feel like adding some fake steps to make me seem smarter…Well I made coffee before doing this so maybe add in there…boil kettle, pour  water over coffee and sweetener , add milk to taste  (hahaha).


I was looking for a way to store it so I grabbed a hessian bag and a fabric marker. I did lines for tic-tac-toe on there and now the bag serves as storage as well as  a playing surface.


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