Simple material book cover…(oh so heavenly inspired)

To continue with my Oh So Heavenly inspired gifts I made this simple material book cover.

I gave it to one of the ladies who work for the cleaning company the office uses. She hugged me and told me I made her day which in turn made my day 😊

This notebook was inspired by the Oh So Heavenly Happy Hands Bye-Bye Stress soothing hand and nail cream. This is such a light yet moisturising cream and at  R25. It’s a perfect little “thinking of you” gift.

Materials needed:

A notebook

Cotton material with a pretty print


Needle and thread

How to make your material book cover;

Open you notebook and trace material twice the length of your book. You want to be able to create flaps for you book cover to fit in neatly.

Turn the material with the good side in and flap over excess like you would when wrapping a book in paper.

Pin the material around the book (I used mini pegs as they are more visible in pics)

Now sew along the top and bottom of the material

Turn inside out and there you have your cover

You can leave the top piece at the fold raw or (like I did) sew a quick little seam.

There you have it.

If anything is unclear please let me know and I’ll amend.

Happy crafting

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