#ECMeetup, Did you get your headshot?

Look people look I made my own “face book”  hahahahaha

It’s a flip book of headshots taken by Mo Firefly Photography at the recent #ECMeetup 🙂

Not everyone signed up to get their headshots taken… I know I totally missed out  (Not biggest fan of photos that don’t have my hair covering a min of 75% of my face)
If any blogger wants their pic just comment below or email me and I will send it off to you
For most of you I have more than one option, I just happen to choose my favourite 🙂
Have a stellar day all!!!

PS… I know super attractive people see below

3 thoughts on “#ECMeetup, Did you get your headshot?

  1. Jonker Fourie says:

    I'm really a boring poser. That's why I'm more comfortable behind the camera. Or just take a candid photo of me. But, I would really like to have the photo if you don't mind. There isn't many good ones of me out there and a don't look too bad in this on. Mo Firefly knows her thing. But it's because she's a Firefly as well. Hahahaha

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