Who wants to win some #ECMeetup goodies

One thing most people who know me know is that I love giving gifts, it is definitely my love language.

When Luchae and I were packing gift bags for the #ECMeetup I could not contain my excitement, because I got to make packages full of awesome stuff to give to all my blogger buddies.

My love of gift giving has even prompted me to start a kiddies gifting business so I can give gifts on other people’s expense (my heart is way bigger than my wallet).

Luchae and I were pleasantly surprised to find that we had some goodies left over from the event and instantly thought MORE GIFTS!!! and for who else than our loyal readers?

So if you want to win a hamper made up of #ECMeetup goodies follow the prompts below, while you are in a following mood, you can also follow me on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER and PINTEREST not for any other reason but because you want to give me the gift of followers 🙂

This is what I am giving away 🙂 two hampers, one each to two lucky readers


Our gift giving spree would not have been possible without the following super awesome sponsors:

Luchae goes into detail about what each sponsor gave and is also offering another chance to win so head over that way.

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