Thoughts before the #ecmeetup

So tomorrow we will be meeting up and I have a few thoughts on this…
I have a few thoughts on everything and many words, Aidan’s teacher says he is like that (takes after me), always thinking and talking (but not necessarily in that order).

My completely random thoughts are

1. Please curls don’t fail me now

I blog about curls and crafts mostly and feel like this is def a curl appropriate event. However history has taught me that my curls are afraid of people, the more people I am likely to see the worse my hair looks. This is a 30 people event…. headwraps are totally in right now right?


2. Am I forgetting anything?

I planned this event with Luchae from My spreadsheet brain, her blog is dedicated to how anal organised she is so you better be sure her to-do-lists have to-do-lists. Then there is Sarah from Chasing the rainbow , she is doing the venue and catering,  she is a legend around these parts (the event industry which I often write for and PE for that matter) I mean she could pull a 5 star event out of her back pocket, like a party Macgyver (you remember Macgyver-major preteen crush- he could build a bomb from bubble gum and a shoelace people, you can overlook a mullet for that). But you see as they have their super powers so do I …

3. I’m an awkward bird, crowds make me even more awkward

Being shy of nature I sometimes over compensate, then freak out. Just ask our speaker Megan from By Megan Kelly. The first time I met her,  I practically ran up to her,  hugged her,  realised I only really knew her from her blog, and then ran away and hid from her for the rest of the event.  I am oh soooo smooth people, so smooth…indulge me

4. I’m genuinely a sunny, bubbly person, blogger types don’t usually respond well to that

However we will have a coffee bar at The Boma so I should be down right delightful.

5. Also I’m a overthinker…

now you say, “you? noooo never, your compulsive need to analyse the most mundane and improbable little things is endearing”

6. Did I always have nothing to wear?

What have I been wearing up until this morning when I realised OMW nothing! I own NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Actually I’m just really excited! I know some of the bloggers in real life, but all through their blogs (stalker much) and I honestly can’t wait to hang out with people who GET IT!!!

4 thoughts on “Thoughts before the #ecmeetup

  1. miriam maulana says:


    Hahahahaha, you just made my morning. I've been over thinking this too, I think everyone else just under thinks (wink).

    I am so excited to be around bloggers, I know they are probably just like anyone else right? But then again they are bloggers !!!

    Been thinking do yo take business cards ? do you take media kits, is that too forward? Should I dress like I'm going for tea with the queen? Should I change my nail polish and finally, what if no-one likes me O_o…

    I cant wait to meet you tomorrow. All the best with the curls 😉

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