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So I love sharing tips, I’m that friend who will do research for you (sad hehe) I’m always game to share tips and have started doing that using  #ellabellatips on Instagram… I am always looking for hacks, so if you ever post please tag me either @justellabella or #ellabellatips and I will share it on my monthly tip countdown (which is what today is by the way)

If little hands struggle with taking stickers off…
Removing the backing sheet off stickers helps A LOT

Replacing your ice-cubes with Frozen grapes keeps your drink cool
without diluting it

No need for scrubbing to get labels off bottles
Just soak them in warm (hot even) soapy water and they glide off
– I learnt this WAYYY too late in life

Punching holes in material makes for a great “sewing” activity

A easy make ahead breakfast:
 Freeze peppers, bacon, mushrooms and spinach in containers ahead of time
When ready for breakfast, defrost in microwave,season, break an egg over and microwave again for a minute (depending on how you like your eggs

To make coloured coconut just pop some in a zip lock baggy with a few drops of food colouring (little by little to avoid clumps… and mix like Aidan does in this video… repeating “mix mix, roll roll” is optional 🙂

Last but by no means least I now do a crafting column for Tums 2 Tots Online, I am beyond excited, do check it out 🙂


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