How to waste a Sunday and give zero figs

I’m not one to waste my time, unless it’s on worries, I waste a great amount of time thinking about things I have no control over…Sunday I decided to fig it (that’s my preferred term for now) and do nothing, think about nothing and just exist.

These are six ways I turned my brain off and decided to take a much needed break from my life

How I waste time on purpose:

1. I traded my Sunday best for my comfy clothes. My stretchiest yoga pants (they are highwaisted and somehow that makes it more comfy) paired with a track top which I stole from Rob.

2. I ignored both my phone and my to-do-list. This is not easy for me. My anxiety tells me that I best reply right now and do things right now or something awful will happen.Everyone will hate me and everything I’m working on will go wrong. My therapist says it hints at OCD, but that’s beside the point. The point is it is tough and besides replying to a message or two I was pretty good.

3. I ate all the things. Call it a cheat day, a disappointment to my dietitian,whatever you want. But I ate a tube of Pringles, some fudge, some mac & cheese and whatever else I could reach from my spot on the couch.

4. I let go of the reigns on the offspring. Aidan wanted to dress himself and have nothing but Otees to eat the whole day, and quite frankly I let him eat it and wear whatever because I was intend on juuuust doing nothing.

5. I did random things. Aidan and I painted, we checked all the pieces in our board games and watched copious amounts of DIY videos. I tried my hand at braiding my hair and stared out of the window for at least a minute.

6. I gave my laptop time off work. I was on my laptop but no work was done, Pinterest was done, YouTube and Netflix were done, but work…not so much

it was good…I needed it while in the throngs wedding plans and ECMeetup plans. While feeling like I couldn’t trust those close to me and doubting my own trustworthiness at times. Before my husband gets prepped for surgery and right after my son recovered from whatever child focused bug he dealt with most recently. (He woke up stuffy again actually) I just needed to unplug a little. (Found this post from four years ago, from another time I just needed a TIME OUT)

Sometimes you need to just do nothing and that’s okay….

2 thoughts on “How to waste a Sunday and give zero figs

  1. Luchae Williams says:

    Glad you had a time to reboot… coz this week, it’s GAME ON! (sorry not sorry hahahah no seriously, sorry for the pressure, but dont feel pressured)

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