My favourite kids book for the year!

We havea favourite Christmas book!!! Not counting the bible,hehe

So you guys know I love kidsbookclub right?
Because I love to read (Two books a month for Aidan and two magazines for me) and also I don’t like spending loads of money (This is just R145 a month).
WELL This Christmas Kidsbookclub outdid themselves with the Christmas Stencils book Aidan received. (I checked online and it’s valued at R157 – double bargain)


Okay let’s start at the beginning…

he opened the book and I was like, oh what a beautifully illustrated book…It’s by Maria Maddocks by the way… And then I was like, no way, these pictures pop out and can be used as Christmas ornaments… Then I realized that the backing of the ornaments pops out to be a stencil (You would think the title would have given that away hey, but it didn’t because Mr man grabbed the sparkly book before I could read title – so queue genuine surprise).

What I really love about the book is that after the ornaments and stencils pop out you still have a decent book…not like those where you remove stickers or whatever and now there are gapping holes.
The pictures are still there for when little one inevitably loses a piece, or five. The story is very age appropriate too…

I actually saw the sparkly Christmas theme when the book arrived a few days before Christmas and decided to pop it into a Christmas Eve box I made for Aidan…It’s a new tradition (just a few snacks, a book, his santa sack and supplies to write thank you notes to Santa and a birthday card to Jesus, oh and a Christmas bowtie and book) to start to build up excitement before Christmas 🙂

I’m going to attempt something similar for Tonight, New Years Eve 🙂 and will share results on Instagram 🙂

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