Myang sunhat and other summer essentials

Myang recently sent me the cutest sun hats for the boys. Liam got the sailboats, Caleb the monsters, and Aidan the khaki and cars.

How crazy adorable are they! with the hats came this pretty bag which gave me an idea. I needed to make an emergency bag to leave in the car. For those impromptu visits to the beach or park or you know general outdoors areas.

This is what I filled my bag with:

  • Myang sun hat

These hats are crazy cute, honestly! They have a large brim to protect from the sun, a toggle and string fastener to keep it on their heads while playing and because it is made from soft material it does not take up much space at all. They come in the cutest colours and prints and is a must for the emergency bag.

  • Inflatable ball

An inflatable ball is great for the beach, park, wherever really. It takes up very little space and is super easy to blow up. You can get these at ANY supermarket or toy store. Ours was a gift from NMBT and we have loved it since it first bounced into our lives

  • Sunblock

Even though my son’s gene pool would have him classified as black in most of the world he is Edward Cullen pale. I protect his fair complexion from painful cancer-causing burns by smearing on sunblock. I am lucky that he understands the importance of things like sunblock and car seats and never fights me on this.Hooray for safety conscious kids and one less thing to fight about.

  •  Aftersun

I use aloe based aftersun gel on all of us. It soothes dry skin and puts much-needed moisture back in a day in the sun.

  • Baby powder

This might seem super random but trust me. If you have a sand loving child like mine you need this. Basically what happens is that the baby powder removes moisture from your skin and allows for the sand to easily come off. It works on hair, feet, and legs. Cornstarch (Maizena) works just as well

  • Wet wipes

This is a must for dirty hands and faces. Kids attract dirt, well the kids I know attract dirt so it is always a good idea to come prepared

  • Plasters

Cleaning off cuts and bruises with wet wipes and sticking on a plaster is an instant  “feel better” move around these parts.

This is what I take with me, I try to have a water, seed bars, and a picnic blanket in the car at most times too but the above items are my must haves….what are yours?

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