For my fellow curly girls

So. True.

I came across this tumblr account, Curly Hair Problems, and find it super educational and entertaining. I believe some straight haired people get annoyed at the posters on the site (well according to comments on pinterest) but I find it funny and truthful and needed because doing the naturally curly thing is quite a journey. I bet there are a bunch of funny truthful comments straight haired people could put up, but I’m a girly curl and this blog gets my vote… anywho check out the site here are some of my favourite posters:

Haha... Because it takes forever to straighten & still can't get all the curls straight. What a pain! ;)
curly hair problems
Curly Hair ProblemSO TRUE! Curly hair problem #508 I don't understand... this worked yesterday!Curly Hair ProblemsCurly hair problems. Word.

curly hair problemhahaha so true!I think this is a thick hair problem. But either way... YesTrue Story!!!!!!!!!!!!Curly Hair Problem #170

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