I tested out one shampoo on three different boys – Pure Beginnings

Pure Beginnings has launched a new FUN TIME CONDITIONING SHAMPOO with marula oil and I was dying to find out if it would work on my three boys…so I was pretty excited to receive a bottle to test on them.

For those of you who are new here, only the big one (Aidan) is actually my son, the other two are my nephews, Caleb (my sister’s 3-year-old) and Liam (My brother’s 1-year-old). We are a very close family and since they are different ages you will see them testing out different (age/personality appropriate) things on the blog from time to time. Anyways they are extremely different kids, think “Alvin and the Chipmunks” and you have my boys…what they do have in common though is curly hair, even the curls are unruly in completely different ways….so can this Pure Beginnings shampoo tame all three?

Pure Beginnings, is one of South Africa’s most trusted organic baby and kids brands so it is not surprising that their newest product is certified organic.

The Fun Time Conditioning Shampoo is extremely mild and does not contain parabens, silicones, sulphates, colourants or synthetic fragrances. Which means I can actually use it on my fro too, just saying.

I wanted to try it because of the oils, it contains marula oil, organic baobab fruit extract, organic aloe and organic rooibos. Marula oil assists in sealing damaged hair strands and locking in moisture, baobab fruit extract nourishes dry hair, while organic aloe aids in calming and soothing the scalp. With curly kids; dry, tangled hair is just such a norm, that the words moisture and nourish on hair products gets me very intrigued.

But did it work?

Well, it creates a luxurious foam, it doesn’t give you that over clean feeling and the hair feels instantly soft, on all three you could feel the hair become softer and easier to handle. With every boy we needed to tweak how we use it based on their hair type though.


Aidan has big, obvious curls, most days he looks like I got hold of him with a curling iron and good intentions, or like when you roller set short hair and don’t comb it out – see what I mean? His hair can be frizzy and look dry so what we do is….

  • Wash his hair with the Pure Beginnings Conditioning Shampoo, not too much because it does lather up and Aidan acts like you are trying to murder him if you rinse too much
  • Towel dry – even with curly kids I stay away from normal towels, it’s an old t-shirt of a micro fibre towel to help with frizz
  • Dab on a tiny bit of whatever oil mommy is using at the time, right now it is Moroccanoil treatment 


He has the thinnest hair, like both in like actual strands and amount of hair, like I could probably dry his hair by sticking his head out of the car window like a puppy, not something I would do but just saying. The thinness of his hair means he is prone to matting and tangling and the Pure Beginnings shampoo worked when we….

  • Washed with a little of the shampoo
  • Didn’t rinse it 100%.  Leaving a little of the product on his hair seems to make his waves , smoother and more manageable


His hair is probably closest to mine, so dry, tangly and super unruly, but pretty impressive (whaaaat, is mos – mine is just waaay more). His parents have decided to keep it long and he mostly wears a pineapple type bun.

  • Put a mix of olive and coconut oil on his hair, as a sort of a oil treatment
  • Wash his hair using the Pure Beginnings shampoo and rinse
  • His mom then lets it dry naturally and uses a soft brush to make a bun

So the verdict is that we love this stuff, it works for all three boys, I was particularly impressed with the definition in Aidans hair after the first wash.

This is available at Baby City, Takealot, Wellness Warehouse, Faithful-to-Nature and leading independent health stores and retails for around R89

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