Geek world joins our Christmas giveaway

I am so excited to announce that Geek World South Africa has joined in on our Christmas giveaway. They took part last year   and did not hesitate to make my Oprah meets Santa dreams come true again this year.

They are giving away this amazing Breaking Bad set which consists of a Top Trumps game  and a Funko Pop Jesse Pinkman  (they added a little something extra but we will show that off at a later stage)   The prize is worth R370 which is insane because I expressly asked for a stocking filler but these people don’t do anything in half measures

Just over a year ago, the couple, Leon and Tersia (who I know for yonks as Leon used to be my editor at a lifestyle publication I worked at)  felt like there was nothing in the shops that could satisfy their geeky needs.  “Importing things took forever and if you want to buy somebody for somebody who has a birthday in a week you had a problem. We saw the gap in the market and took it,” said Tersia

According to Tersia they do it for their clients; “Some one asked the other day, ‘Do you know that you sell happiness?’…. That makes it worth it.”

“It’s long hours but we know that we are doing something that will leave a legacy for our children”

Speaking about Children. Aidan is obsessed with the shop. After about 15 minutes in the store, which he calls “The Superhero shop” he declared his Chrismas list null and void. In fact I have been instructed to please just give Santa directions to Geek world. NO JOKES.

If you want to win this awesome box of prizes which now includes wooden toys from Rocking Toys and this set from Geek World, then go to their FACEBOOK PAGE  (why not show them some love when you are there) and then come back and comment; which Geek World product rocks your world 🙂


10 thoughts on “Geek world joins our Christmas giveaway

  1. Carla M VD Westhuizen says:

    I LOVE the Jack Skellington tights! They would be perfect for Halloween! But wow what a lot of awesome geeky stuff this shop has!

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