Guess who is 8 months old

It took me forever to get a halfway decent pic on the chair
APPEARANCE:   He is a big boy, tall and heavy and looks set to have a whoooole lot of curly hair

PERSONALITY: Aidan is still VERY into music, he even hums himself to sleep sometimes. He also plays “drums” along with any tune, like if there is a show on tv he will play around with his toys but when an ad with a jingle comes on he needs to stop, “bang his drums” and dance until tune is over. It is so cute. He is also very chatty and even his cries are wordy…he doesn’t just cry, no its mamamamama nananana (and what sounds like eina) He crawls like a champ and is sooo proud of himself. But is also quite a danger to himself as he pulls on everything and gets into everything. Climbing is his thing, LOVES IT!
ROUTINE:  He spends day with my mom and is learning a lot. Feels like everyday I come home and he has learnt something new. He is at that clingy stage  though and to be honest I wish he would play alone a little more, like when I pack my gym bag, because as it is he just wants to hold onto my leg.

LOVES: New found independence of crawling around and dancing

DISLIKES: He seems to be against the basics of babyness… he doesn’t like sleeping, eating or being changed, which I thought  is what babies do

MOM:  Could do with a nap

We don’t like to “sit nicely”

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