Healing Within: how a massage and a coaching session changed my outlook

I recently paid a visit to Healing Within, a quant little venue occupied by a massage therapist (Annie)  and a therapeutic life coach (Nafeesa) , and I’m here to tell you, that it’s what you never knew you needed.

I received a 1tovi scan and reading and a 30minute massage, but more than that , my hippie heart is very glad to report that Annie and Nafeesa give me all kind of good vibes.

Okay so I need to tell you that the Massage and Scan were complimentary – they sponsored #ECMeetup with vouchers – BUT they did not expect a blog post from me in exchange for it, so rest assured all my opinions are unbiased.

Firstly Nafeesa is a gem she does 1:1 coaching, group coaching, emotional wellbeing sessions, wellness consults, health scans, holistic healing and runs a heal your life study course. She believes her purpose is connecting clients with their divine feminine power and is having a blast doing it.

I had a 1:1 coaching session with her last year actually. She totally blew me away, her insights are incredible and she helped me realise how much I was still grieving my son, aunt and friends and how not allowing myself to grieve fully was blocking my growth.

She also made me see that I was blocking my blessing by always doubting peoples’ intentions, “why are you being so nice to me”.  She set me up for so much growth last year. Growth that saw me start the #UthExperience event and also do quite a few public speaking engagements.

So I already thought she was cool, but I was not prepared for how accurate the scan would be. Her little gadget measures things like your body frequency, temperature and heart rate and then tells you what you need to work on from a physical and mental point of view. It also suggests essential oils you might find beneficial. You guys know I’m full of feelings so I was not too surprised that the machine did not “take” the first time she tried it, the person before me, perfectly fine, Nafeesa herself, fine, me…. Ooooh glory my frequency is unstable, hahahaha.

What was most obvious in my results were how my nervous system was in the danger zone. I have been very stressed about work/career/money/clients/job applications and my body (stiff neck for three days) and inability to concentrate were just two of the things screaming. “Get your head right girly!”.

(My body calls me girly, it keeps me young) After going through my results, Nafeesa chatted to me and I left with a new sense of purpose. She encouraged me to broaden my horizons and not hold on to anything that might not be my destiny and it has made all the difference. We chatted about other things as well, but not everything is for the interwebs.

My next stop was Annie. This was my first time meeting her and you guys know me and spa fears. She has such a gentle nature. My mom and I have this term for people who have a lightness of being, like they just seem super genuinely nice, we call them real life Disney princesses, she gives me that vibe.

She’s not super chatty but not in an off-standish way – do you get me? Like some people are so quiet they make you uncomfortable AF (I had  a hairdresser like that years and years ago, flip I still cringe) Annie sets you at ease and is really good at what she does, like seriously. Remember how my stress had given me a stiff neck well, I’m happy to announce that I can now look left, right and left again. I was a little sore the next day, but with the knots I had in my already osteoarthritic neck I am happy to say that it blew over quickly and I feel amazing!

Annie (That’s my late grandmother’s name, btw) offers full body, back, neck and shoulder massages, reflexology, head and scalp and mini facials and with my one experience I can totally see myself signing up again

They are running a special at the moment, the scan and massage which I had for only R650 for both so definitely give them a call on 0742775669 (Annie) or 0716735521 (Nafeesa)

They are at 70 4th Avenue, Newton Park and are honestly such gems…