So I was vegan for a month

I went vegan for veganuary and I thought that I’d tell you just how that went.

I did the veganuary challenge in conjunction with Fry’s Family and they asked me to be very honest about my findings…because clearly they are brave.

So here is the real truth…

What was my veganuary journey like?

Well it was horrendous and also it was super easy and simple.

That sounds crazy I know. The horrendous part came in how few vegan options I could find at convenience stores. You know pop out to get bread and milk and a vegan…uhm a vegan NOTHING!

Okay I’m being dramatic, but I did find buying a quick lunch or a snack very limiting. When I’m running errands I usually grab a quick drinking yogurt or a sandwich at the deli counter, but on a vegan diet that’s a problem.

Even all the quick stop salads are covered in feta or drizzled with honey flavourings. Also when it came to snacks for like movie night or whatever, I came to find that EVERYTHING HAS SKIM MILK IN IT!!!

Okay maybe that’s because I prefer cheese flavoured things, but still, super annoying. 

At home it was much simpler. We cooked ahead some burrito bowls and mushroom risotto and I have Fry’s family goodies ready for a quick air fry.  I replaced my milk with plant based milk (I don’t know about this one hey, I think almond is yummier but soy is cheaper, so ended up on almond to drink, soy to cook with). I bought plant based cheese, which (bonus) actually lasts much longer than the cow milk cheese I usually buy. I got “cream cheese” which lets be frank, is pretty much cashew nut hummus. I also upped my protein.

I had some fails though, and I’m nothing if I’m not honest, so here’s my veganuary confessions:

–        I accidentally had ice-cream on like day two, because Aidan was done with it and gave it to me and I kind of shoved it in my mouth without thinking.

–        I was having a piece of coconut ice and then read the sticker which revealed that it was made with condensed milk… when did we start doing that?

–        I  came home from work exhausted and late and sort of put a piece of Robin’s chicken in my mouth because #lazy and then my body let me know (good and proper) that since I have not had meat since October last year it was no longer accepting meat as a fuel source.

–        I had some honey ginger tea, which I think contravenes the vegan code, because, honey…..but my throat hurts

–        I stole a piece of Rob’s sushi because veggie sushi is nice and all, But… I’m weak

That’s it, otherwise I’ve been really good, I’ve said no to things I would usually have said hell yes to and I managed to not crave anything (don’t lie Eleanor you know you want a good old fashioned coffee with actual milk). Even cheese and I’m a big cheese person.  So I think it was pretty successful.

So where to from here?

I’m going to be primarily plant based, which I take to mean I will eat plant based primarily (hahaha) So at home I’ll have meat alternatives, I’ll up my protein with beans and it will be pretty business as usual. But if I’m at a party and I’m offered a chicken pie and my only alternative is a cocktail tomato on a stick (guys feed your vegetarian party guests man) I might eat the pie and not feel too horrible about it.  I think that my heart strings are mostly tugged at when it’s mammals (I’m sorry guys, I know I sound horrible) but I can’t even stomach the idea of eating a baby lamb or a big eyed cow anymore, but with fish and chicken I’m not quite as fussed. I think maybe I will get there, who knows. But for now I am so glad I did this. It’s made me look at food differently and I have so many new ways of preparing vegetables.  I will be eating eggs again and drinking milk (but much less because I do feel less bloated now) So ja that’s me…meanwhile Aidan is still vegetarian and Rob has agreed to go meat free once a week. So there’s that…

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