How to wear your satin bonnet in public

If you are doing the whole natural hair thing. The words “satin bonnet” are as second nature as the words co-wash and detangle. You pop it on before bed right? But what if you don’t pop it off after bed?

Satin bonnet

I’ve been using mine during the day to protect my hair from my winter headgear…beanies, scarves, maybe a hat in the future…here’s how.

Wearing my hair in finger coils this winter has meant that I can finally fit my hair under a beanie. This is totally new for me. I usually don’t even look in that direction, because my hair simply would not stay unless I tie it up but my shorter hairstyle does not allow for tying up, ironically it is still being too much to handle…fun…but the twists means my hair is tamer.

Satin lined beanies are available for purchase I believe, but using your satin bonnet is much more economical and means you can change up your look for a couple bucks. Pretty sure this here beanie was only R30.

Satin bonnet

All I do is put my favourite hair oil on my hair. I am loving morroconoil at the moment. Not alot, just to add a little moisture.

I then adjust my satin bonnet to allow a few curls to pop out of the front and put my beanie over. I use hair pins to secretly attach my beanie to the bonnet so I don’t end up with what looks like bright pink underwear sticking out at any point in my day…two pins in the front and two at the back works well.

The scarf works in much the same way. Oil hair,adjust satin bonnet and put on your scarf.

Satin bonnet

I usually do this style seen here, but you can do it in a multitude of ways. The satin bonnet protects your hair from friction damage and you can take your scarf off with your curls in tip top condition.

If you have a satin bonnet you love please leave a comment below on where you got yours. Let’s share the love 😊 Mine was from Clicks at R69

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