Trusting your stylist (dramatic new look reveal)

I’ve gone through many stylists over the years (many a traumatic story).  I mean how else is someone with no upper body strength and enough hair for three people going to deal? But never has “trusting my stylist” been as important as right about now.

I got it into my head to do a big chop and start afresh… Because my hair is looking like an outward representation of my emotional being right now which is bleugh, I feel bleugh, I look bleugh.

So I contacted Michelle from Stylish Steppers and we had a chat. At this point I was at Brittany , shave it all off now level…


She talked me down and since I trust her I could tell her the full deal, how my hair is falling out and is so dry and brittle, how I’m not sure if it’s meds or life or what but I’m unhappy with my hair.

A few photos later I was in her chair. Michelle talks about hair like the former Top Gear crew talk about cars; it’s all passion and expertise and she knew exactly what to do to get me feeling like a person again…

A MUK deep treatment and cutting off all the chemically altered pieces which were basically all the dyed sections….and here we are with one heck of a “look at me cut”…It’s going to take some getting used to, I feel very “on show” but I think I like it (sooo many styling possibilities) even though Aidan says I look like a microphone….

Please be gentle in the comments 🤣 here’s to growing out my hair healthier and full of life…

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