Message to the guys who robbed us

Message to the guys who robbed us

So we were robbed

Last night my son fell asleep sad that he was not a real super hero, that he couldn’t save the day…
I went to bed feeling violated and exposed and my husband went to bed feeling like he somehow failed us

(actually he didnt fall asleep, he just watched us praying for our safety)
We all went to bed in a crime scene, a house which was annalysed by police and ransacked by you.
I half hoped it was all a dream but no, the broken door and damaged sliding door reminded me it was not a dream.
This was by no means my first run in with criminals, I’ve had phones stolen, I was mugged and soon after my 21st all my gifts were stolen during a house party, oh and once someone jumped out at the train stop taking my new jacket with them…so this isn’t my first robbery, it is my saddest though.
Sad because my son is so confused by all of this, he asked me why you took all our stuff…Our tvs and game console,games laptop, tablets, cameras, basically everything you could carry in our pillowcases (some of those pillow cases where orders by the way you jerk – orders I need to redo at my own cost, thanks).
I wanted to tell him you took our stuff because you were hungry I mean you raided the fridge so maybe that’s true, the cupboards were all open and evidence of your snacks could be found in the kitchen, did you have to leave my fridge open and have everything defrost? also why the hell was our rug wet? Do I wanna know?
Also was it necessary to then stuff your used serviettes into the jars holding things like popcorn kernels…that’s super gross you realise that right?
Gross like using our toilet and not flushing, ewe!!! But maybe I should thank you cause I know of robbers who relieved themselves on friends of mines clothes.
All you did with our clothes was take everything with a branded label…even my son’s little leather jacket and his sneakers and – actually he has very little left, probably because he has more branded items than we do.
You seem to have gone through everything, taking your time, packing out all my cupboards going through all my bags,you even took my damn light bulbs – oh and thanks for leaving my house looking like a drug den…I can’t even begin to tell you how violated that makes me feel…
The sad thing is how confused my little boy is, he is walking around saying he needs to make a plan and fix this – thanks so much for putting all that on the shoulders of a 3 year old.
He still believes that good things happen to good people, now you have him doubting his “goodness”
I don’t doubt his “goodness” though
I don’t doubt it because when I apologised to him for so much of his things being gone (My kid has hardly any clothes in the coldest months, awesome!!! You know most of those things were gifts so there was sentimental value – thanks for leaving his bike but a big f you for taking his dad’s bike and ONE of my rollerblades) he told me not to say sorry, that it wasn’t my fault and we still have lots, I have my phone and he has food we are going to be ok…my usually picky eater even said he would be okay with dry toast because he knows the monsters and bad guys took our food.
He also said  “I don’t know how to fix the problem. Cause I think they must box the bad guys and make them give back our stuff but then the bad guys will feel bad like we feel now and that’s not nice so I dunno how I can save the day”

At three my son is already a better person than you are and THAT is sad.

11 thoughts on “Message to the guys who robbed us

  1. Zayaan says:

    Ag no man! I am so, so sorry. Sorry for you guys and for your little one. This kind of thing makes me so angry and sad. Hugs to everyone. xx

  2. Jozi Wahm says:

    I am so sorry you had to go through this. Sucks living in South Africa sometimes. Hugs to your little guy- always the toughest to explain these things to them.

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