Is InstaColour hair wax worth the hype?

Firstly what is InstaColour hair wax? Well you know the hair colouring wax you have been seeing all over Instagram? The ones that change your hair colour in an instant?

It’s basically that, except this proudly South African one – unlike the one from the Chinese market – is a wax clay and not a clay cream and is made from premium natural ingredients with zero harsh chemicals.

I bought a few sample sizes of InstaColour hair wax after seeing it advertised at #curlfest 2018. They have a pretty easy website and pretty quick turn around time.

Here is what I think of InstaColour hair wax…

I love the fact that the waxes are hand-made in artisanal batches from natural ingredients that are said to nourish your hair rather than damaging it.

The temporary hair colour is washable, and hand-made by using 100% natural ingredients like coconut oil and volcanic clays.

The good…

It goes on really easy using just your fingers. Your hair does not feel weighed down or dirty and actually feels pretty nice and soft. The colours show up vibrantly and last pretty long (in my case the lighter ones).

The bad…

Not all the colours show up on my hair. I swear my hair is absorbing it and making me feel like I’m having memory issues (did I put in yet, did I man, did I).

The meh…

It transfers on to things so you should probably not put it on then pass out on your new white duvet.


I really like it for a quick colour change, for when you want to be cute and colourful. It washes out quickly and does not dry out your hair. It’s also fairly inexpensive. You can get four samples at R100 or a full container for R220.

Check out my video review

Have you tried it? What’s your temp colour change secret?

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