Colouring by numbers…Essence Shape Your Face

Have you tried the Essence Shape your face contouring palette? I did (pause for concerned giggles) and here’s how it went down…

Essence shape your face

See, we got the Essense shape your face contouring palette as part of the #ECMeetup and I was curious.

How was a brown, a peach and an orange powder going to make me look “snatched” (or whatever the young people say, the last time I was cool, so was the word Phat , hahaha, lies, I was never cool).

But I like make-up don’t let my appearance fool you, I also like health food even though my butt won’t back up the fact.

The back of the Essence Shape Your Face pack has instructions, for nubes like me. So I went paint by numbers style.

I put 1 where they asked for 1 and so on.

I have a pretty small forehead so skipped bronzing that and instead put bronzer under my chin because I only want one chin showing…as we do.

I asked people on my instastories how I did, the results? Well either people liked what I did or they like me too much to hurt my feels, but either way yeah me.

I used my Essence soft touch mousse matte as a base and did my eyes with my brand new wet ‘n wild Au Naturel palette with Almay one coat Mega Volume mascara and I forget what lipstick this is.

I like it, it lasts until I remove it (well it fades a little after a few hours) but iv never had to look good for more than 8 hours. I like that it’s not too bold and that I received it just a week after learning that I can pull off an orangey blush

Have you tried it? What do you think?

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