Parent Magic, a book for mindful parenting

Parent Magic by psychologist Carol  Surya is one of those books you did not know you needed, until you read it and you are like, THIS! THIS! is what I needed.

I received it as part of my Raising mindful kids gift from Wise and thought I’d share some insight with you, because we all need some Parent Magic

Parent Magic is a work book of sorts, like that instruction manual for children you have always wanted. It comes with take home points, quizzes and homework and most importantly takes into consideration that children are individuals.

You get examples of issues and ideas of how to deal with said issues. Parent Magic should be a baby shower must have especially if your pregnant friend wants to do “gentle parenting”

Ten things in Parent Magic I absolutely loved

  • Tactics for developing emotional security in your child
  • How to set boundaries and rules
  • How to build your child’s self-esteem by boosting your own
  • How to foster a feeling of belonging
  • Ho to strengthen your child’s independence
  • Dealing with separation and divorce
  • Dealing with grief
  • How to deal with trauma and possible PTSD
  • Tips for playing with your kids
  • Helping your children understand their feelings

I really like this book, like a lot, and no, not because they gave it to me for free, I have received many a free thing I would not promote for all the sushi in Japan. And I really love sushi

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