Learning to live and let live

I never thought of myself as judgemental. Thanks largely to my mom, I have had a pretty liberal upbringing and have always believed that everyone has the right to live their lives the way they see fit….
But a recent conversation with good friends got me thinking…”How judgemental am I really”
One friend voiced her displeasure at seeing seductive pictures on FB where the women have hairy underarms and the other friend asked. . . “but who says shaving is a must?”. . . after trying to sneak a peak at that friend’s underarms (hairless in case you were wondering), I thought to myself, “really who decides these things”

So here I am trying to live a less judgemental life when it comes to the small things… I’m pretty sorted with the big things, like I don’t worry myself about other peoples, religious, political or sexual decisions but the little things need some work….

Some things that make me raise a eyebrow are:

– Super hairy legs in mini skirts
– Sexy arm in the air pictures with hairy underarms
– Shaving off eyebrows to draw them back on
– Extensively ornate hairstyles on a day-to-day basis (like farewell/prom styles to the shop)
– Foundation that doesn’t match your skin colour
– Children past the toddler stage who are still being breastfed
– People that tag themselves with complements #sosexy #hotness #fierce
– People older than me who still have party everyday college like lifestyles
– and the whole those are not pants they are tights or in some cases STOCKINGS thing

I figure that if I want people to respect my decisions I need to give them the same courtesy…
So here is to a life less judgemental!!!

Happy Thursday people πŸ™‚ wish me luck, I just saw someone in practically see through tights and up went the brow!

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