When you just need a TIME OUT

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed with life you just want to nap!
I’m currently feeling like I’m on this tightrope suspended over tons of work and deadlines and decisions waiting to be made.
 While on the tightrope I’m trying to work out a budget around SARS’ need for me to give them money despite me contesting their findings and being granted a penalty cancellation. Basically they are saying “oh oops, ja you don’t owe us money, but give it to us anyway”.
I need to win the lottery, or just have someone hand me a bunch of cash because SARS is being joined by an account I thought I had closed  ages ago which has been accumulating interest for literally YEARS now – how they neglected to tell me during all this time is beyond me. Oh and our TV decided it would rather not work any more.
In this mental image of my tightrope walking self, I’m gaining weight from what seems like carbo-loaded air, I  have a baby on my hip, saying ma ma ma ma ma ma over and over while throwing food around and refusing to sleep…In my left ear I have an estate agent waiting for me to decide if my dream home is worth not eating for a year or so and in my  right ear I have my husband (bless him) trying to “fix everything” as he clearly doesn’t know that this overwhelmed feeling does not listen to common sense all that well.
Meanwhile we are waiting for test results for my gran who seems to have a tumor on the brain which is making her delusional and aggressive. She doesn’t recognise anyone and my mom is on her way to CT to see her. So now I need to find someone to watch Aidan.
It’s so weird because the everyday me can handle all these little things pretty well, but I am just soooooooo tense and tired at the moment I fear the next person to annoy me will have their head promptly bitten off and handed to them in a plastic packet ( Yes a packet, I’m so out of it I cant even bring myself to craft a beautiful box for the severed head)
I need some sort of  pick me up…..

What do you do when you need the world to stop for a second?

Oh and as for pictures of my weekend, the only pictures I have are the ones I took at two Women’s Day events..which you can see HEREπŸ™‚

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