Lesley-Ann Brandt talks parenting

I got the chance to interview Lesley-Ann Brandt of Lucifer fame for a news feature recently. We had a zoom meeting that started with major butterflies in my tummy and ended with belly laughs (unfortunately this is not the secret to her epic six-pack) and I took the chance to ask her about parenting her ridiculously adorable 3-year-old, Kingston.

I follow Lesley-Anne on Instagram and I noticed some similarities in our parenting style. You know minus the Hollywood mansion and paparazzi dodging. She also believes in mindful parenting and this led me to ask her for five lessons she learned after becoming a mom.

Lesley-Ann Brandt – 5 mom lessons

You need to be patient

The acclaimed actress admits that she was not the most patient person before her blonde cherub came along. “The Brandt’s like things NOW! but you can’t have those expectations when you have a child, you need to change your expectations.”

You need to find a parenting style that works for you

Even though she says she had an incredibly happy childhood she felt compelled to change a few things when it came to her own parenting.

“The, because I said so, approach does not work for me, I found that explaining my reasoning with him gets much better results”

You can do a lot on little sleep

“I feel like I have not had a good night’s sleep in three years, and am amazed to see that I can still function”.

It is important to nurture your child’s mind

Lesley-Ann is very hands-on when it comes to Kingston’s education, from monitoring the shows he watches to encouraging educational play. “He has picked up some Afrikaans phrases already and I really want him to learn French and Spanish, he has so much potential and I want to help him in whatever way I can”

There is still a lot to be excited about

The biggest lesson she says she has learned is the reminder to look at things through a child’s eye. “Seeing the wonder in his eye, the excitement in experiencing new things, has me looking at things with a new childlike wonder, and for that, I am very grateful”

Lesley-Ann Brandt is currently making waves as Maze on the fifth season of Lucifer. You can follow her on Instagram where she is extremely candid about her life and loves

*picture from instagram

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