Microblade brow alternatives

So today I’m talking about microblade brow alternatives because last year I had my brows microbladed and a lot of readers loved the outcome, but were a little nervous about the commitment, sooooo I chatted to my brow tech, Lisa, (I have those things, I’m fancy) and she shared the following.

All info comes from Lisa of Siren’s Cove, so check it out and see if anything catches your fancy. So here you go…some microblade brow alternatives to try out.


• Quicker than tweezing and better plucking precision.
• Longer lasting (4-8 weeks)• Less painful than waxing.
• No harmful chemicals or hot wax involved.
• The top layer of skin is not removed or damaged.
• Precise shaping with a more natural line to the finished eyebrow.


The best natural beauty eyebrow staining technique and its available in 7 delicious shades so we can always find your perfect match! Perfect to camouflage gaps in over-plucked eyebrows and create fuller, natural-look brows. Henna offers not only a skin stain but also stains the actual eyebrow hair making it the “GEM” of the tinting world.

Henna stains the skin for 1-2weeks and the eyebrow hair for 4-5weeks, 100%natural, no peroxide, no lead and SAFE to use during pregnancy.

BROW LAMINATION (my most recent treatment)

All the way from Russia, the Brow lamination is designed to create fluffy, fuller, and longer looking eyebrows! With this clever technique, we can smooth, straighten, and lift the brow hairs into a more vertical position to create the illusion of a more defined looking eyebrow.

Perfect for brows that are unruly, have gaps or have evenbover-plucked!! This new procedure will lift them up to conceal any flaws. Think of this as a push up bra, but for your brows!

Treatment lasts 6-8 weeks. 

The last one is not for brows, it is for lashes but I’m including it because it is a favourite of mine and means I don’t have to wear mascara for that long lash look

The Lash lift treatment adds curl and definition to your natural lashes, giving you a natural looking lift. With this amazing treatment you can enjoy lifted lashes that open your eye, enhancing the natural length and the shape of your eyelashes. It is safe and semi permanent and generally lasts anywhere from 6- 8 weeks.

A Lash Lift is a great alternative for clients who want a long-lasting alternative but don’t have the time needed to maintain eyelash extensions.

Best suited for medium to long lashes.

Let me just add that when I microbladed I went for a very light procedure, because I’m a scaredy cat but even so it’s still very obvious and I can get away without any of these microblade brow alternatives, however, the henna is really nice for when I’m feeling brave and want to look a little more SLAY

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