Lessons from LeAnne Dlamini

I had the pleasure of meeting singer songwriter and business owner LeAnne Dlamini at the #AWIP event recently. I was rather shook to find how warm, welcoming and sweet she was. Sort of like someone forgot to tell her that she was ridiculously attractive, super successful and could totally get away with Diva tendencies.

But as someone who has built a career on building up others I should not have been surprised. The multi award winning muso runs a campaign called End Girl Hate as well as a company called LDH (Life Designed by Her) both of which focus on woman empowerment. She had so many important things to say that I simply had to make notes, and share some with you. (PS the picture is on me, her and the founder of #AWIP Lorelle Campher)

Some of these you might have heard before, some you might implement already, but all of them are important to remember…

Lessons from LeAnne Dlamini

  • Tell people when they look beautiful, sometimes those nice words are exactly what they need to hear that day
  • Focus on impacting  people not  impressing people
  • You can’t expect to be best friends with every woman you meet, but you can get along, support each other and show each other grace.
  • The woman in Soweto cries same tears as woman in Sandton, we are more alike than we realise
  • What people project on you often has nothing to do with you… Don’t take things too personally
  • Don’t stop for one negative person when you have so many positive people in your life
  • There is no competition when you manifest in your own lane… Know what your goals are and your vision is
  • Competition makes you faster but Collaboration makes you better
  • If someone is on your heart, reach out… That message could be the thing that saves that person that day
  • Don’t compare yourself to others, people often only show you the pretty side of their lives anyway
  • Stop listening to other people’s opinions of others. Give people the benefit of the doubt and form your own opinions
  • You can love someone from a distance. There are seasons for people in your life, you don’t need to keep people in your everyday life if they don’t enhance it
  • A million likes (on social media) won’t be enough if you don’t like yourself
  • Practice what you post
  • Remember, your passion is linked to your purpose

LeAnne Dlamini is a name usually linked to glitz and glam, but after the event and hearing her speak, it now automatically links to thoughts of, how can I use my talents to enhance the lives of others…. Thank you so much lady

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