Some Brainy baby development facts and a chance to win

Why do I care about baby development when my kid is six and with no other prospects on the horizon? Well, I’m the aunt who buys educational toys and only recently realised that Brainy Baby (The company who sells those really awesome black and white cloths as well as a collection of other goodies to help your new born baby develop their visual and cognitive functions) is actually local (Nelson Mandela Bay local)

So we (Me and Brainy Baby company owner,Lara-Anne Derbyshire) decided – despite neither of us having a baby right now – many of my readers do, so why not give you guys some baby development facts, and a chance to win.

Baby development facts, you may not have known

  • Of all the five senses vision takes the longest to develop but it also has the highest impact on the brain.
  • The more visual stimulation you baby receives the more her/his neural network will expand and connect.
  • At birth you baby’s eyes have the visual acuity of 20/400 but the vision will develop rapidly and reach the adult level of 20/20 by 3-5 years old.
  • This rabid growth is why the first month are so important to their visual development.
  • Research shows that visual stimulation will help calm and soother your baby as well as increase concentration skills, enhance natural curiosity and stimulate the creation of brain cell connections.
  • Newborn babies are born with retinas that are not fully developed. This means a baby can only detect high contrast between black and white, or light and dark objects.

This is where the visual stimulation cloth comes in, its high contrast and interesting shapes help with visual development, cognitive development , attention and concentration, it is also soft to the touch with no sharp edges or small pieces to harm baby.

There is a wealth of information on the Brainy Baby social media pages, and meanwhile you stand in line to win one of these awesome cloths on my social media pages – head over to my instagram or facebook for a chance to win

Find this Brainy Baby picture to enter

2 thoughts on “Some Brainy baby development facts and a chance to win

  1. Grant Baislet says:

    Morning Bella,

    Please can you advise me where I can buy one of these incredible blankets. Not looking to win a blanket, just want to buy one and not sure where to find it. My sister was given one as a gift and she swears by it.


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