Which reusable straws are the kids’ favourite?

We have a bunch of reusable straws in the house and it got me thinking… Which ones are the fan-favorite?

I usually just drink without a straw so figured that I was not the best one to judge….so enter Aidan and Caleb, because they are the reason I cart straws around in the first place.

What the boys think of our reusable straws…

– Paper Straws

(these are not reusable, but they are also not single-use plastic soI included them) The boys are not a fan, they feel that it gets too soggy and tastes like paper which I’m told is super gross

– Durable Plastic Straws

I got these with the glass bottles I bought. The boys felt like these were the most like “shop straws” but they “don’t bend nicely”

– Bamboo Straws

The boys didn’t have much of an opinion on this one. Aidan  says he expected it to taste like a stick but it doesn’t – why does he know what a stick tastes like, is the real question

– Metal Straws

Aidan hates it, he thinks it’s too hard and he fears hurting his teeth and gums. Caleb, however, loves it he reckons it is what a robot would use

– Silicone Straw

This one had the opposite reaction to the metal straw. Caleb found it ridiculous, too squishy and floppy while Aidan thinks it’s the best thing ever

* reusable straws aren’t for everyone, but if you are looking to help the environment by decreasing your use of single plastic without ditching a straw, the options are endless… I mean we didn’t even try out glass or ceramic.

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