Easiest pumpkin pie recipe ever

I call this the easiest pumpkin pie recipe ever, as if I have other recipes… But based on what I thought went into making a pumpkin pie, this is the easiest pumpkin pie recipe, ever!

This is made using Butternut and evaporated milk and is the ideal pot luck take along.

I was hanging out at my parents house with my sister and cousins this weekend and thoughts quickly turned to “something nice to snack on”…

Then again when doesn’t it,lol…
I had been toying with idea of a pumpkin pie and after googling recipes and finding one in the pnp magazine…I put ideas together and came up with this deliciousness…
Its soooo yum! Even my dad liked it which is amazing as we have a history of him barely tolerating my culinary skills-he is a meat and potatoes guy, me not so much…

The easiest pumpkin pie recipe

Eet Sum More biscuits(crushed)
2 tbsp butter (melted)

3 eggs
180ml brown sugar
Tin evaporated milk
A medium fine butternut
5ml ginger powder
3ml clove powder
6ml cinnamon

Heat oven to 180degrees
Mix crushed biscuits with butter and line container (original recipe for 20cm pie dish)
Beat eggs sugar and milk then add butternut and spices
*filling will be super runny do not freak out like I certainly did…
Bake until it stiffens and goes golden brown…times differ but takes about an hour

Enjoy with whipped cream 🙂

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