Mamahood on being moms

Lizanne’s kids are on the left Zac is 1 and Julian is 4 and Candice’s son Rocco,3, is on the right 

It’s Mama Moment Monday 🙂 So because I think I’m super cute and smart I asked the ladies who started Mamahood on FB (It’s this online mom forum that has REALLY taken off around South Africa) about Mamahood (see what I did there). Candice Littleford and Lizanne Oved are AWESOME I interviewed them earlier this year for THIS ARTICLE and have watched them grow in cyber space since then… GOOD WORK LADIES! 

Here is what they had to say, Candice is the one answering , hence the Lizanne and I 😉

Tell us about the time kiddo made you cringe 

 Well, we can’t think of anything that made us cringe per say, but we do have a good laugh at the things our kids get up. Little Zac thinks he is superman and keeps jumping from couch to couch much to Lizanne’s shock and  horror. I have been on the phone with Lizanne on numerous occasions, where I have heard her literally jump out of her skin and run to see if Zac’s has survived his last attempt at couch flying. This makes us both laugh as my son has always been a very busy and adventurous lad and Lizanne always felt like she got off lightly with well behaved Julian.

Tell us about one moment you felt like you were winning at this mommy thing
 There is nothing more amazing or rewarding than hearing your son tell you how much he loves you and every time my son Rocco tells me my heart completely melts and it makes being a mom the best thing ever. Whenever Lizanne fetches Julian from school, she is amazed at how excited he gets when he sees his brother Zac. He takes little Zac by the hand and shows him off to his buddies. This gets Lizanne every time as its so great to see the bond forming between the brothers.

 How has mamahood changed you/your life 
 MAMAHOOD has changed our lives for the better and for the busier. We are blown away by the way everyone has embraced MAMAHOOD. We feel so privileged to have created such an amazing and kind platform for all moms in South Africa and that is a GREAT feeling. We get inspired by our mama’s everyday and we love creating new and exciting elements to our MAMAHOOD village. We have also been so busy behind the scenes designing and creating an amazing website that will be a great resource for all moms out there. We are very proud at what we have created and we cannot wait to show you all, we will be launching very soon so keep a look out on our Facebook groups for this.

What do you wish you knew before 
I think for both of us we wish we knew how much it took to juggle working full time and trying to be the best mom’s we can be. When we started out MAMAHOOD was at first a part-time project, but quickly progressed and grew to be the village it is today. We always hoped that MAMAHOOD would be something great, but not in our wildest dreams could we ever have imagined the true community it has become.

Do connect with Mamahood it’s awesome, you can ask for advice and things any day with the added bonus of Monday(Business listings) Tuesday (Featured Business) Wednesday (Bloggers) Thursday (Featured Product/Service)  Friday (Featured Competition/Special) Saturday (Featured Expert) there is also a pre-loved group for all those hardly used baby  stuff you would like to get rid of, I mean bless someone else with at a steal 🙂


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