My Mastertons coffee milkshake recipe

Yeah! coffee! Today’s gift choice, is a popular choice around these parts, can you tell?!


There are certain things that make you feel like home. Like when you drive/walk in central and the smell of coffee wafts through the air. That’s the smell of Mastertons, coming from what started out as “The Tea and Coffee House” at 33a Queen Street (now Govan Mbeki Avenue) on  4 December 1924, and has since moved to 114 Russell Road.

Rob and I are big Mastertons fans. We love coffee and we love buying local so this is  a win-win.

Mastertons has been a supporter of #ECMeetup since the start and we are sooo chuffed to have them on board.
At our last meetup they set up a coffee spot and the guests were spoilt rotten with delicious coffee. Yum yum. It was honestly such a highlight and made me think that there is probably some truth in the blogger  memes.

Mastertons has great gift options, and with the launch of Port Elizabeth’s own Bay Blend you can send visitors home with a taste of Nelson Mandela Bay.

I did a chocolate covered coffee bean recipe not too long ago and today I share a milkshake in a jar recipe…it’s super yum and super easy, that is basically how I like things , haha

What you need:
½ cup freshly brewed but cooled  cuppa joe(sweetened to your taste, half a vanilla canderel per cup is good enough)
1 cup vanilla ice-cream
¼ cup ice
1/2 teaspoon of cocoa powder

What you do:
Put all ingredients in a large enough mason jar
Shake the mixture
Drink the mixture


It is really that easy and you will love it.

What is your favourite java recipe? I would love to try it out…let me know in the comments, and I will try  out one or two.

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