Life Lately: Racial issues and the need to relax


Lets talk about race and relaxation

Soooo you know how I’m every kind of interesting and you are just dying to read what has been going on in my life.

I’m not? You don’t? shame I’m going to tell you anyway…

I found that I have been doing a lot of complaining lately, I decided to cut that out and focus on a onward and upward approach to life.

My main complaint (Not weight or money related) is that I am approaching burn out  FAST!

So to combat that, I have decided to cut down my work load where I can.

This means I come home at the end of the day and spend time with my family. Aidan and I snuggle up and watch DIY tutorials and Rob and I actually talk, it has made all the difference.

I even went out with friends the other day and I plan on actually leaving the house more often. I even signed up for Zumba…have not attended yet, but signing up is something right?

I now have busy bags stocked at my favourite coffee shop. HOW AWESOME IS THAT

My cousin and I are working on a new product line and action plan, I want to work smarter not harder people.

We are seriously, all hands on deck, planning the Mini #ECMeetUp…whoop whoop

In other news I’m not a fan of talking about race, but this is South Africa and things are like they are; I was in a verbal racial attack this weekend… Friends and I were treated like absolute dirt. We were waiting for another  friend to get home when her neighbours lost it… apparently we need to find our own civilisation among other things (note we didn’t have alcohol and weren’t playing music…just didn’t look the part)…I’m scared for humanity. This after a rude woman spoke through me while I was waiting for a business meeting “what does she want, why is she here” She (me) was not impressed. (Cant be sure that the rude woman was about race, maybe she was a non discriminatory A-hole) It made me even more adamant to teach Aidan how to not be a bigot.

Aidan is doing great. He speaks extremely well for his age and NON-STOP , kinda like his mom. (I speak really well for my age don’t you know). But seriously he surprises me with his wit and banter and I swear he is being scripted by Nickelodeon.

He loves taking picures see here . I actually ended up buying him a kiddies camera, it’s a cheapy but it takes pics and now we can join in the Home schooling photo club, do check it out it seems like LOADS of fun. (and like us you don’t have to be home schooling to join in)

It’s the wine festival this weekend, here’s to more relaxation and less racial issues.

8 thoughts on “Life Lately: Racial issues and the need to relax

  1. Amelia says:

    You make me laugh! Mostly. In the racial attack part, I was not laughing. Seriously?! 1992 called, they want their race issues back. I can’t believe people can’t move forward. I have a mixed-race niece and nephew. They live in the UK, and no-one bats an eyelid at their gorgeous little family. When they come to visit us in SA, people stare at them and their parents as if there were an entire pork spit on their heads. Lame. Backwards. An indication of a lack of intelligence, in my opinion.

    Onwards and upwards indeed. You’ve got this.

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