Christmas Give-away time with JustEllaBella

I’m doing a Christmas Give-Away!!! That’s right,  I have decided to channel my inner Oprah, and give away some of my favourite things.


You know how recently I have been chatting about what I want for Christmas?

Well today is the first day of December and to mark that I’m doing a Christmas give-away featuring everything I featured and more… Basically I have this box right, and every time I feature something with that pretty bow above I will add something from that brand in to the box and then on Christmas day I will announce who gets the whole box of goodies…

So what is in the box so far?

I told you how much I love Saltz  right? well you get to try out their bath salts for yourself


Then I told you about my love of Rain Africa products, I really do love it though, no jokes! Natural, luxe and fancy and good for you too. So I’m adding their amazing bubble bath into the Christmas give-away  box. Guys, this stuff will have you feeling like you are having a bath at a five star spa, I swear


I then spoke about this awesome daily devotional I received from Christian Art Media. So although I don’t have one of those to give away I am throwing in another book from Christian Art Media. Bread and Wine by Shauna Niequist. It is really such a good read guys (review coming soon)


Then yesterday I told you how to make a delicious milkshake using Mastertons coffee. I also had a recipe for chocolate covered coffee beans  but then I thought I should give you some coffee and coffee beans so you can try this out for yourself…So I am 🙂 the #ECMeetup coffee goes into the box too


Okay so I’m not done, There are three more weeks left till Christmas so it is plenty of time to add some more things…I’m feeling very festive so expect some more things off my favourite list and also a Christmas DIY kit…. how much do you love me right now?


12 thoughts on “Christmas Give-away time with JustEllaBella

  1. adiam says:

    Loving you lots right now. I think all husbands should be re-directed to your blog in case they have no idea of what to get their wives.

  2. Meggin says:

    The Chocolate covered coffee beans!!!… Just realised my shopping revolves around what my daughter and husband like and I forget to indulge in my favourites. 🙁

  3. Aneesa says:

    The Rain Africa bubble bath! With a busy almost 2 year old I don’t know when last I had a bubble bath. For myself. With no toys in it. And without a little person throwing all my shoes into the bath. Every single day. Sigh

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