Honey, I shrunk myself – Mini-me review

I recently got a Mini-me Lego character to review and I’m smitten. I have created a little thing that looks like me before, but this one doesn’t backchat.

So why get a mini version of yourself? Because why the heck not! You guys know I’m not about wasting money. Value for money is very important to me so let’s start with that … It’s actually really cost effective for something so personalised… You build yourself up (in a different way from how your favorite teacher did!) by picking out key characteristics and putting it together.

You chose the parts you want from hair to clothes and you can easily adjust if you find you are going out of your “budget” there are thousands of parts to chose from and quite a few on sale at any time so you can create yourself and loved ones easily and without breaking the bank. They also offer free postage for orders over R300.Also, it only took a day to get here so that is a big win in my book.

Mini-me Ella over here cost R235 but that’s because I added accessories. I could have easily made myself for R150.

One of the accessories I just couldn’t say no to is the little stand which you can personalise for no extra charge.

I love the idea. Even my dad thinks it’s a brilliant gift idea and he is one of THOSE people.

Mini-me is great for….

– gifts for people with a quirky sense of humor
– as alternatives to the bride and groom toppers on a wedding cake
– giving a little you to someone you miss
– the best family portrait ever
– super cool Keychains
– send “yourself” with your nervous child when you can’t be near

My only con is for those who live with a Lego lovers.  The little characters are perfectly compatible with Lego blocks and might be seen as a toy.

As was the case here in the Meyers household where Mini-me Ella was basically abducted by a 4-year-old kidnapper, who thought she would like to form part of his construction set. The kidnapper has given me some information regarding her whereabouts…”I can’t member, in my room somewhere” followed by a, “I am sorry mommy, I shouldn’t have taken her out of your bag, can I draw missing posters to put on the trees so people can look out for her” and a rather ungracious “It’s not like I lost the real you, why are you so cross”.

I’ve given myself this week to go Liam Neeson in Taken with his room playing the part of Paris.  If my specific set of skills do not work out I am definitely ordering another one. I just have such a love of quirky unique things I can’t resist…Also MY HAIR THO!

*product in exchange for review


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