Bubiroo all natural dry shampoo and hair mask review

One of my all-time favourite local brands, Bubiroo has been branching out and has added this awesome dry shampoo/mask to their repertoire.

They generously gave me a jar and I thought I’d share my feelings on the product.

To make it fair I asked my cousin, Che-lynn, to test it out as well. She wears her hair straight (one of those natural; chemical-free but not heat-free girls) and has a problem with oil build-up, while you guys all know I’m a wash and wear girl.
Because she needs to get rid of oil and I need all the natural oils I can get, we tested to see if a single product could give us these vastly different results.
Disclaimer: I don’t usually trust products that say they are more than one thing, like what are you huh! a shampoo or conditioner, pick a side!

As a Dry Shampoo.

– Che-lynn has tried other products, mostly spray based and was a little skeptical at first. She did like that the powder was dark so would not leave a white residue like the brand she was currently using. Che-lynn has been trying to do her bit for water conservation, with fewer wash days, but due to oil production, it has meant more ponytail tails, considerably more. “I can get two days out of a blow out before it feels heavy and I feel like an oil slick”.
So what did she think? “It’s pretty awesome, I was a little clumsy with the application at first with powder going everywhere, but then I used the make-up brush and soon got the hang of it. The difference was pretty obvious. My hair was  instantly more bouncy and looked refreshed”
Che-lynn’s two-year-old suffers from a host of allergies so she was excited to find that the product was completely natural, as she tries to keep her home pretty chemical free for little Cody.
So it’s a yes from her 

As a Mask

– I used the powder as a mask. the ingredients include things like Bergamot oil, Rosemary and sage, which are all things natural hair boards are full of so I was super curious. To create a mask you mix 1tsp of the powder with 1/4 cup warm carrier oil like coconut or olive oil and one tbsp honey, massage into hair and leave for 15min. The first time I did it I messed up and confused tsp for tbsp and my hair felt grainy as I tried to wash out the spicey cookie smelling problem I had brought on myself.
The second time was different, by this time I had learned to read and I was happy with the overall results. My hair felt soft, nourished and I smelt ever so slightly like Christmas.
So apparently one product can do two things! three if you count that I saw Bubiroo creator, Dorae, on their facebook page using it as a very successful face mask.
I’m a fan of the product. It lasts so long, as a little goes a long way and it is all natural and cruelty-free. I have actually used it as a dry shampoo on Aidan’s hair too, for those days his curls need a quick pick me up.
Check out their FB page to learn more



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