My first ever vegan shopping list

Never in my life have I thought I’d use the words vegan shopping list unless I was making up a metaphor… as boring as a vegan shopping list or as expensive as a vegan shopping list.

But being meat-free since October has changed my mindset and I’ve realized that plant-based isn’t as boring or expensive as I thought. With the veganuary challenge ridiculously close I needed to pick up some things and I thought I’d share my basics with you.

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Fruit and vegetables are obviously high on the list of things to purchase, but to keep things interesting these are things that are going in my trolley – along with Oreos, Dark Chocolate Jungle Oats Bars, licorice allsorts and jelly tots (ALL VEGAN!!!)

Vegan Shopping List

Nutritional Yeast

I’ve never actually had nutritional yeast but looking at all the vegan recipes that call for it, it is clear why it has to be on the list. Nutritional yeast is used to add a cheesy aspect to food and you guys know I love me some cheese.

Frozen Fruit

My breakfast of choice this summer is smoothies made with kasha instant cereal for extra protein I use the frozen fruit to up the yum factor throw in some frozen beetroot and spinach for added iron.

Frozen Vegetables

Fresh vegetables are my first option but that’s not always practical. Frozen vegetables help keep food waste to a minimum.

Fry’s Meat Free Products

Having worked with Fry’s for my Vegetarian challenge I got to taste a bunch of Fry’s products and things like chicken-style strips, sausages, nuggets and I am stocking up for yummy options and super easy meals.

Tinned Legumes

Black beans, butter beans, chickpeas and so forth. Luckily I’ve always liked beans so it’s an obvious addition, especially because of the protein aspect. Buddha bowls are life.

Ready-made salsa and pesto

A jar of salsa or pesto is a pantry must for me. Instant pasta or vegetable update.

Rice, grains and pasta

Filler items are a must to keep hunger pangs at bay. Quinoa is my favourite, but wild rice and barley are definitely high on my list.

– There are a few other things on my list and if you are planning on joining the Veganuary challenge, please do share your must-have pantry items with me…

For reference here are the items that are not part of a vegan diet:

  • butter
  • cream
  • eggs
  • dairy cheese
  • dairy milk
  • meat, poultry
  • fish, shellfish
  • gelatin
  • honey

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