2019 a year in review

It’s 2020 people, the year Emma from Friends wakes up from her nap and I thought maybe I should too.

I’ve had a super chilled last few days but in preparation of my future I thought I’d do a quick glance at my past.

Full disclosure this post was inspired by Luchae over at My Spreadsheet Brain.


I started the year by reintroducing myself to you guys then being woke AF reminding people that I don’t believe being colour blind to race is a thing. I also started doing flat twist outs on my hair, which looking back now was a cute look. My hair is currently too short for it though… However it has become my mom’s go too.


I shared ways to add joy to your everyday routine because goodness knows we need it…. Can I just say adulting looked way more fun when we were playing house house. In February I noticed how someone at school had taken my shy awkward child under his wing and my heart was overflowing with thanks for coach.


I was super nice and shared a list of national holidays you might want to get gifts for, you know the Mother’s and Father’s days of this world. A friend also reminded me to be kind to myself she kind of reminded all of us with a kindness guest post (bet you didn’t know I could say kind so many times)


I exposed myself by telling you what was in my Google search history. We had a Minecraft party for Aidan, a complete DIY jobby. Then tragedy struck and we lost my grandfather, Aidan’s Tom Tom…I chatted about how we were dealing with grief in children, but full disclosure Aidy still gets sad.


I tried to reorganize my life. We did our first family photoshoot since Aidan’s birth and I shared tips on getting comfortable pics if your family like mine dont really like cameras. My curls decided to leave me… Shock horror… And turns out than kitchen remedies for curls were the way to go. I considered writing a book and even wrote the first two pages. Luchae and I were going strong on brand focused events like a Oreo inspired games day.


I started with a litteral bang when Aidan, Caleb and I were involved in a pretty bad car accident.
On a lighter note I got to link up Ecmeetup with a project I’m very passionate about, Locally Yours.
I also upped my entrepreneurship knowledge with a road map and tips from amazing boss babes


This was a big one I started an event in my home town called UthExperience, I also chatted to a CT based model about dealing with a bullied child. I messed up my Uber Eats order and learnt I love Uber Eats 
But mostly I discovered the wonders of essential oils


Leanne Dlamini inspired the heck out of me at a woman’s day event and my first event went down  amazingly thanks to MUA Ranique Roberts .
On a little more serious note I chatted about how your happiest friends could be the saddest 


In September I intensified my quest for mindfull parenting through books and games


This is when I decided to go vegetarian… Which ended up as full time pescetarian
I also shared pictures from our Jason Keick gala make-over.
This was also number 5 of my public speaking engagements for the year – I know right! – I spoke on ways to support a friend or family member with a life threatening illness


I shared some tips from eco packaging ideas to a hummus recipe


I took a well deserved break but so shared a lot… Mostly about plantbased eating.. Like the who is who. How to up your protein intake I gave you vegetarian Christmas meal ideas and shared my first vegan shopping list

– just a quick note I’m still in the running for the SA blog awards so feel free to vote for me here