Meat free ways to up your protein intake

When considering going Vegan the question “how do you up your protein intake?” always comes up. Well it did when I invited you guys to join the Veganuary challenge with me.

So I did some research into Vegan protein options because quite frankly I’ve been relying on eggs and dairy and I did not know the answer to the “up your protein intake without involving animals” question.

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There are many different ways to up your protein intake, including fortified shakes and food, but for this list I went for simple things you might have in your kitchen right now.

Plant based ways to up your protein intake

  • One of the first things that came up was Lentils with 9g of protein per 100g. I use lentils when I cook ahead so this is pretty convenient.
  • I love roasting chickpeas in the air-fryer with some olive oil and spices so was chuffed to hear that chickpeas has 19g of protein per 100g. If you are looking for a quick way to up your chickpea intake you should try my hummus style dip
  • Peas offer 5g of protein per 100g but I never really know what do do with peas, apart from this easy peasy pea soup
  • Quinoa and Oats are two items we always have at home so it’s pretty awesome to learn that Quinoa’s protein content are 13g per 100g while Oats is 2.4g per 100g
  • As a coffee drinker I was looking at what milk alternative would be best, with Soy milk having 3.3g per 100g , I am leaning towards that.
  • Peanuts and chia seeds seem to have the heighest protein levels of all the things I searched with Chia seeds at 17g 100g and Peanuts 26g 100g which means the five ingredient seed bars I make for Aidan are a good option (unless you are sugar free)

If you need some help in the kitchen these Fry’s options are great, They also make cooking Vegan for yourself easier if the rest of the family are not on board. All you have to do is make some swaps… Go to the Fry’s site for more options, but these are my faves with their protein content per serving:

Beef style Burger 14g
Chicken burger 7g
Braai sausage 7.8g
Thick cut chicken strips 18. 9g
Nuggets 13g
Kasha porridge 7.9g (as pictured above, I use it to make yummy smoothies in the morning, adding frozen fruit to up the yummy factor)

There is still time to sign up for Veganuary with me. We get to motivate each other and Fry’s will send us resources to help with the 31 day journey, come on lets do this!

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