My Pure Beginnings must haves

I’ve raved about Pure Beginnings in the past, but today I thought I’d share my real MVPs with you. The products I’ve spent my own money on and will again.

Pure Beginnings have sent us little gifts over the years which I’ve shared with you, but the following are the products I’ve kept using for my son.

Firstly you know we try to be mindful over here, so the fact that all their products are all natural, vegan, and beauty without cruelty certified is definitely high on our list of “why they are high on our list” . That being said, I’m nothing if not honest, so must say these products aren’t on the cheap side, I find them all value for money, however, as they last me literal months. The prices below are approx, because items sell for a few rands different at different outlets.

My Pure Beginnings must haves

Baby and kids natural Chest Rub

Made with eucalyptus and lavender the chest rub can be used on kids as young as three months. I find that it works really well on my 6-year-old. You just massage a small amount on to the chest, neck and back at bedtime and it helps clear up congestion. I prefer this to other chest rubs as it does not contain menthol which Aidan says “smells too spicy”.
Price: R80+

Vanilla mint toothpaste

My kid’s dentist says he has really good teeth for someone his age, part of that is due to him not using his teeth very often (mom of a picky eater, cries out for help). But in all seriousness it does help that he is very good with brushing his teeth. I lie, he is awful with brushing his teeth unless we have the Pure Beginnings fluoride free vanilla mint toothpaste. Every other brand is apparently too spicy (noticing a trend?) he loves this stuff and we don’t have to argue with him to brush his teeth if we have this. The fluoride free element makes me feel better knowing he totally swallows his toothpaste instead of rinsing properly.
Price: R40+

100% natural insect repellent spray

The first time I used this on Aidan he put up a fight because “you can’t just spray people without their permission”. I’ve had his permission ever since though as it is very effective at keeping mosquitoes at bay. In all honesty he isn’t the biggest fan of the citronella, lemon eucalyptus, neem and lemon bush scent but the pros out way the cons on this product. I also realised that if I spray too close to him it leaves him feeling sticky but we have the distance down now and it’s a must in our home!

Baby and kids sensitive sun cream

Despite Aidan’s Edward Cullen colouring (I don’t know why he is so much paler than the rest of us, hey) he doesn’t burn very quickly, I like to think it;s because I’m very conscious of sunblock application. The sensitive sun cream has a 50+ SPF, offers UVA + UVB protection is  free from nanopartocles and big bonus is coral reef safe. It also doesn’t leave him feeling extra sticky, which is always an issue when your child looooves rolling around in the sand.

Pure Beginnings Kids Fun time Conditioning Shampoo

(not pictured because we ran out and I had not got around to buying more when I took the picture) the conditioner…. But you can read about it over here where I tried it on three different curly headed munchkins. I know it’s just a shampoo, but real talk, it’s my entire hair routine with Aidan these days, ENTIRE, lol

Pure Beginnings is available at Baby City, Takealot, Wellness Warehouse, Faithful-to-Nature and leading independent health stores 

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