How to stretch a blow-dry on natural hair

I don’t get a blow-dry often. Most natural girls I know, don’t, unless it’s for a very special occasion or for a length check. I honestly prefer myself with curls but I head down to my favourite stylist, Michelle at Stylish Steppers,every now and again to change up my look.

I do it because, they give the best head massages, they get rid of the build up I struggle with, they know if I need a trim and they use premium products and treatments. I have left there with a fro, but yesterday I felt the need to go sleek. Since I don’t blow-dry my hair more than once every few months and am no longer using chemical straighteners I’ve had to learn a few tricks to make the look last…

– frizz fighting products

If you have a stylist you trust, that’s half the battle won. Your stylist would know to use products that put moisture in your hair and combat the frizz even before you get started on the actual blow-dry.

-get rid of split ends

Split ends are a sure fire way to have your hair look unkempt. It reduces the sleek look and reduces the life cycle of your blow out. So be sure to check if you need a trim.

-stay away from water

Water is not your friend right now. We are all about moisture moisture when it comes to curls but when you have a sleek look to maintain, use a shower cap in the shower, stay out of the rain and protect your hair from sweat while exercising by using a sweatband. This is important if you don’t want to have to do heat intensive touch-ups.

-oil your hair

This sounds weird and please don’t go overboard and end up looking like an oil slick. But a tiny bit of your favourite hair oil (I’m using marrocanhairoil) rubbed on to your hair before wrapping or curling for the night will help retain you look. The oil will coat the cuticle and take away flyaways to give your hair a sleek look in the morning.

– dry shampoo your hair

If unlike me, your scalp produces enough natural oils, too much in fact. Some dry shampoo could go along way to keeping your hair looking good. Bubiroo has an all natural dry shampoo I use when my hair is straight and needs to look good just a tiny bit longer. It absorbs the oil quickly and leaves you smelling like Christmas. But don’t worry not overly so.

-wrap your head

A satin or silk scarf tied around your hair makes all the difference. The friction caused while sleeping can make for a very unsexy bed head. You can use your hair bonnet too but then I’d suggest lightly tying your hair up so it doesn’t get tangled in the bonnet. (or maybe that’s something that only happens to me)

-try out some styles

When your hair isn’t looking like you just stepped out of a salontry some protective styles. This should buy you a day or two before you go back to the comfort of your curls.

…. Do share your tips with me and also if you found this interesting do share it on your social media accounts I really appreciate the love.

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