My top Korean Drama picks on Netflix

So I have started a love affair with Korean drama during the lockdown.

I think the main reason I like them is because I have to read subtitles and it means I can’t have my phone with me (I’ve been trying to limit my social media intake because things are so hectic out there, everything is so negative and I needed some escapism) I was just flipping through Netflix and I was like, hey, let’s try this out. Okay, eight different series later. I am here to say that I’m kind of hooked. So I thought I would give you guys my top three Korean drama picks.

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Does this natural bum balm really work?

A baby bum balm review: By now you guys should know that we are Bubiroo fans. From the healing balm to the dry shampoo Bubiroo gets a thumbs up from us.

This is why I had to outsource the bum balm review. It worked a charm on Liam but a part of me wondered if I was being biased, you know like when you like a brand and then suddenly they can do no wrong (this is how Kim K manages to find buyers for her 435 nude shades) …so I called in reinforcements.

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Is Glove-A-Bubble worth the hype? kids weigh in

Just Fun Kidz recently made me the most popular mom and aunt ever, with a delivery of Glove-A-Bubble. I had no idea what this contraption was and I thought that perhaps many of you wouldn’t know either, so allow me to inform you, I’m very informative like that.
Glove-A-Bubble is a way for kids to make bubbles by waving their hands in a fun animal shaped glove, so I asked kids in my life to test it out because I’m a little past the age of bubbles (lies there is no such thing)

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